One and Only Japanese Attorney in Arizona


Yuri Kondo is the one and only Japanese attorney at Law in Arizona.

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B.A. University of the Sacred Heart (Seishin Joshi Daigaku) in Western History: Japan.
M.A. Stanford University, in Cultural/Social Anthropology, Department of Anthropology in 1978.
Ph.D. course work completed Stanford University in Cultural/Social Anthropology, Department of Anthropology in 1979.
J.D. Arizona State University, College of Law in May, 1996.

Professional Experience
1997 May Admitted by the State BAR of Arizona (as an attorney at law)
1986-present Established Futures Inc. (a Japanese corporation based in Kawasaki city in Japan) and have worked in the area of US-Japan business consultation including language services such as interpretation and translation as well as facilitating joint ventures, joint research, and management of legal disputes (preparation of depositions and trials).
1985 United Nations Consultant, Tokyo, Japan
1982-84 Evaluation Officer, International Planned Parenthood Federation, London, U.K.
1980-82 Free lance interpreter/translator, Tokyo, Japan
1975 Teaching Assistant, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University
1971-74 Research Assistant, Department of Anthropology, Stanford University

Areas of expertise:
U.S. Legal/Litigation Consultation, Japanese/English translation and interpretation
  -Providing U.S. legal and litigation consultation and assistance including the preparation of Japanese witnesses for testifying in depositions and court trials under the U.S. law; consultation and assistance on document preparation for U.S. court cases, including legal analysis, translation, and organization of Japanese documents.
  Consultation in U.S.-Japan business negotiations including those for establishing joint ventures, licensing, business and research contracts, and medical management.
  - Disputes mediation.
  - Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation in scientific, business, and other conferences and meetings
  - Preparing or translation of legal documents such as licensing agreements and business and research contracts, computer and other high-tech machines and systems related manuals including both hardware and software, telecommunications, factory automation, electronics, semiconductors, research contracts, medical, management and personnel related documents.

Major Projects
2003-06 - Translation of equity investment related documents for ClearLight Partners
since 1995 (monthly report); translation of legal documents for
Nishimura & Partners, Tokyo; court appointed official interpretation & check
interpretation for various cases involving Japanese, U.S., and Korean
companies; simultaneous interpretation for business meetings at Lexus
special events for Toyota Motor Corporation; for telecommunication/data
storage and processing related technical meetings involving NTT Data, FDC,CISCO, Sun; for medical/technical meetings for GORE and other Japanese and American companies.
2002 - FDC/DC CARD business meeting, Eli Lily medical conference interpretation, Canon business meeting, Lexus Owners Forums/focus group interpretation
2001 2001 - FDC/DC Card/NTT DATA/DC Service Joint Venture formation interpreting.
- MIKI Corporation US Conference interpreting (for President Clinton and other speakers)
- Lexus Owners Forum/focus group interpretation
- Fujitsu internal/global technical meetings simultaneous interpretation (global data communication system related)
- NTT Data/FDC technical meeting simultaneous interpretation (global financial data processing and communication system)
- Covisint auto e-commerce related translation (legal and website texts)
- Check interpreter in antitrust and other cases (for Morrison & Foerster LLP)
2000 - Interpretation in meetings to prepare a joint venture among NTT data/First Data corporation and others (both technical and legal …involving discussion on shareholders agreement, by-laws, articles of incorporation etc.); interpretation in meetings of Lexus Division of Toyota involving focus group discussion, distributor meetings; interpretation in NTT Data/NTT Communications meetings with Qwest, GE, and other U.S. corporations; interpretation in a Canon preparatory meeting for an arbitration; Fujitsu internal/global technical meetings simultaneous interpretation; focus group facilitator and interviewer for Cheskin (SF based marketing research company) involving the National Park Association, Duty Free, and other U.S. and Japanese corporations; drafting/translating legal documents such as Articles of Incorporations, by-laws, Board of Directors and Shareholders Meetings Minutes for Commerce Center Japan and Teramoto and Partners Law Office in Japan
1999 - Business meeting facilitation for Honda R&D, NTT Communications, litigation language assistance for Lyon and Lyon; simultaneous interpretation in business conferences for Lexus/Toyota Motor Corporation; translation and consultation in drafting licensing agreements and other legal documents for Teramoto and Partners; drafting and translating financial and business results reports for Westec Securities Group, Commerce Center, Inc. and others.
1998 - Legal/language consultation/assistance in various lawsuits (depositions and court trial interpretation): Fujitsu v. Samsung: ITC case, Sony Corp.,
Sony/Sony Pictures Entertainment v. MGM, Yamaichi v. Enplas etc.
Medical, technical and business conference simultaneous interpretation:
AchroMed, Hewlet Packard, The Gap
1997 - Legal/language consultation/assistance in various lawsuits and SEC investigation (interpretation and check interpretation in deposition/court trial, witness preparation) and technical meetings
(Achilles Corporation, Sony Corporation, Honda Motor Corporation of
Japan, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Fish & Richardson, Jackson Walker,
Lyon & Lyon and others)
1996 - Official Interpreter at trial for a patent infringement case (Sony v. Fairchild) (CCD/semiconductor related); Honda Motor Corporation: simultaneous interpretation for Technical evaluation meetings, and technical visits; simultaneous interpretation for an internal medical/technical meetings of Otsuka Pharmaceutical; IntelligentPad Consortium: translation of IntelligentPad Standard Specifications (for Internet users); National Scientific University: translation and narration (dubbing into Japanese) of one of its lecture series: “Introduction to Netscape.”
1992-95 - Official interpreter/translator in depositions and court trial in a product liability case involving a Japanese automobile manufacturer in Phoenix, AZ. Interpretation for Japanese technical visits to Motorola and Medtronic, patent, licensing, copyright, trade secret lawsuits related language and research services; Nomura Research Institute: Consultation/arrangement of technical visits; NTT data: Interpretation technical visits in the United States, technical conference in Tokyo.
1988-91 - Go-Video antitrust case: Official Interpreter/translator in depositions in Japan and court trial in Phoenix, AZ.
1986-91 - SRI International: Research projects/marketing, research contracts interpretation/translation in Tokyo and Menlo Park.
1989 - Sony Corporation: TV Division Strategic Papers translation.
1988 - Asahi Chemical Industry Personnel Management Manual translation and production from Japanese into English (for the company’s overseas management development).
1985-89 - Pacific Telesis/Kajima Corporation Joint Venture Negotiation Interpretation and Translation in Tokyo, Japan (an intelligent building/telecommunication related project).

  Major Japanese/American electronics, telecommunications, computer hardware/software manufacturers, research institutes, general contractors and law firms: Nippon Steel, First Data Corporation, DC Card, JTB, MIKI Corporation, Fujitsu, Honda, Toyota/Lexus, Sony, NTT, NTT Communications, NTT data, Toshiba, NEC, Canon, Kajima Corporation, Morrison & Foerster, Jackson Walker, Nomura Research Institute, Hazama Corporation, Asahi Chemical Industry, Motorola, SRI International, Pacific Telesis, Medtronic, Finnegan Henderson (a patent law firm), Westec Group, GORE, San Eigen.